Dealing with Unwanted Gifts

Unwanted gifts. Abby Eckel was stoked for her birthday gift from her hubby—a morganite ring she’d been eyeing. But when she unwrapped the box, bam! It wasn’t the ring; it was a necklace. Disappointment city.

The Disappointment-Guilt Combo

Eckel wasn’t feeling the necklace vibes, had specific jewelry tastes, and felt bad for being bummed. It’s that classic letdown followed by guilt—ever been there?

Stuck with Unwanted Stuff

Picture this: annual sweaters that don’t fit, outdated band tees, or silver bling when you’re all about gold. The gift ends up gathering dust because you can’t let go, and you wonder if your peeps even hear you out.

What to Do When the Gift Isn’t a Hit

Eckel faced this necklace moment with her hubby. Confusion hit hard—why the switch? But she did something brave: talked it out. They had a heart-to-heart, and that made it better. She returned the necklace and used the cash elsewhere.

Talk It Out

According to therapist Mielad Owraghi, chatting it up about the gift helps kill the disappointment-guilt vibe. If you’re not getting what you want, talking with the giver might do the trick.

Understanding the Gift’s Story

Therapist Suzanne Degges-White suggests digging into why they picked that specific gift. It’s like a peek into how they see you and your relationship. Especially in new romances, gifts can scream how much they care.

Setting the Gift Record Straight

For long-term relationships, honesty is key. Degges-White recommends a chat about what gifts work (and what doesn’t) to avoid a gift repeat next time.

Silence Isn’t Always Golden

If it’s not a tight bond, keeping quiet and rolling with the punch might be better, according to Degges-White. Sometimes, it’s about appreciating the intention, even if the gift isn’t your jam.

The Thought Counts, But…

Remember when SNL roasted moms getting robes for Christmas? Moms flipped the script by posting robe pics. It’s not just the thought; it’s the extra effort to get it right.

Gift Giving 101

Degges-White nails it: the best gift? When they notice your likes. When they miss the mark, it feels like they don’t see us for who we are.

Talk, Listen, and Note Down Hints

Owraghi stresses the importance of sharing your needs. And hey, listen up! Jot down those little hints they drop for future gifting success.

Embrace the Disappointment

Eckel, a pro in relationship advice, shared her story online. She’d want her husband to do the same if he got a gift miss. It’s about being human, feeling the funk, and moving on.

In a Nutshell

Unwanted gifts? It’s a rollercoaster of emotions. Talk it out, understand the gesture, and keep those communication lines open. And hey, next time, aim for the bullseye with the gift!