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Here is some pictures from Wayne Doenges "Solo1"

Here are two pics of the rig.  It's a Motorvation Spyder with a custom paint job to match the Valk.  My son and I did all the work of fitting using a subframe from Motorvation. The sub frame mounts are at three places: one is attached to the sidestand mounting bolt, the passenger peg area and the shock mount, the second is using the upper engine mounting area, and the third is a clamp under the headers attaching to the frame.


Since the Spyder has a built in frame, it was hard to work with to mount and align since there were no straight surfaces and we had to deal with the weight of the car while doing all the work.


The car looks very nice with the Valk but it's too light.  To conteract this we moved the car out farther resulting in a 64' track, and added weight inside the sidecar.  What is real nice is the 4 gallon fuel tank in the "car with an electric fuel pump. Badly needed as the Valk gets poor mileage with the car attached.

Motorvation offers a complete line of sidecars.
With two different double wide styles (Formula II and Roadster Royale) and a good looking single seat traditionally styled sidecar (Spyder).
Motorvation sidecars allows the transition of sidecar to solo in minutes.
All Motorvation sidecar bodies are made from hand laid, marine quality fiberglass.
Motorvation pioneered adjustable lean sidecar trim features and independent sidecar brakes.