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Here are a few photos from Captain Pedro Prado, Tampa, Florida


 Wing Ding open class wining Interstate with side car. It is a 1999 with a California Friendship II sidecar. The bike has the stereo and intercom system without CB radio, that will be installed later, and a GPS. The sidecar has hydraulic brakes couple to the bike's front brake, adjustable ride height for trimming on the highway, adjustable foot rest, tonneou cover, convertible top, electric accessory outlet for the DVD, intercom and fog lamps. The rear tail lamp was replace with Interstate original trunk lights (my wife's idea) to make it appear more factory. It rides very good and the fit and finish is superb.


  The bike to sidecar mounting system is well made and when the sidecar is removed the bike is clean with little indication is rigged for sidecar use. The fuel consumption is OK, 35 miles per gallon at speeds 55 to 60 miles per hour but decline to 27 MPG if you ride at 75 to 80 miles per hour (there is a lot of wind resistance/drag to overcome at high speeds). The rear tire, Metzeler M 880, did not last much after the sidecar installation and a Goodyear Assurance 205/65/16 was installed with great results in road holding wet or dry.