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The decision


I started riding a whizzer on my 16th birthday and since then after 46 years, 14 bikes, I am still excited as I start a new riding journey.


So, 7 years ago, has I was shopping at my local Honda dealer, I saw this wonderful machine; a cruiser that broke all the rules on standard for this kind of bikes, sure the earlier 750 4 cyl. ( bike # 4) had already broken some but it was not as radical as the Valkyrie, specifically for its size.


On that day I told myself that, that it would be nice to have this as my last bike; it had all the items on my life bike wish list. On that moment I made to myself the promise to owned one. As you all know the line was ended in 2003 and the Rune was beautiful but was lacking some versatility in customizing possibility, I thought that it was more like a show bike more than a road bike that you would use for long road trip, that’s only in my opinion of course.


Still, that would not stop me in my earlier decision on my last bike dream. And the shopping for the perfect used Valkyrie started, it was not so easy in the fact, that in my mind I was still yearning for that new look and low mileage that would fit the dream.


After 3 bikes and a lot of bike shops and Google searching, I was slowly letting go of what it seems just an impossible dream.




The event


As I was traveling and flying intensively thru the Americas for my Job, I found myself in a small town north of Chicago, Ill, called Cristal Lake. After my work day, since I was staying at a hotel and was bored, I decided to visit a small local Honda Motorcycle Shop.


It was a nice warm evening of a summer day in august, I had a strange feeling of something was going to happen, so I more associated this with my job. As I enter the shop, there it was, brand new (1500M), with the original equipment, except for a small wind shield, the tire had still the little rubber tips that you have when you buy new, the hose where moist and flexible, not dry.


On that moment, that second I knew it was mine, I felt that it was talking to me, so I proceeded to change my face from happy to neutral when I saw the sales person approaching me, I knew I wanted this bike badly so I gave him my credit card and ask him to cut to the chase and give me the best price right away so we could close the deal before store closing. He was hesitant and said 11,000$, and explained to me, that it was high because I paid with a credit card.


On doing the paper works he was pointing to the serial number and told me that this was the last bike (Valkyrie) manufactured in the USA, the bike looked good because it was stored in a controlled atmosphere, the old owners had it has collection item, I did not give much attention to this, discarding this as good old sales pitch.




Going Home


Of course I had flew in so I did not have any clothing and/or helmet, my clothing was what I use to work in a carry on plane suitcase. After all the paper done, with a temporary plate, I strapped my carry on and the shop gave a helmet as a bonus and left Cristal Lake thru Chicago to go to my home city, Milton, On, Canada. It took me 8 hours to reach Toledo, due to traffic going thru downtown Chicago, slept in Toledo and in the Morning finished my trip to Milton in 7 hrs: it was the perfect trip and you could catch a smile on my face all the way home. I realized how special that bike was by its perfect handling and all the attention I got from people asking me …What Kind of bike is this…Can it fly, from a booth operator in Chicago.




The discovery


After I finished with the bragging, the bling blinging and all the story telling, on a closer look of my serial number I notice that the last 4 digit where 01860 and when I research it, I discover that they had built only about 1800 maybe a little more of that model and my serial number was more that the last known number. I phone Honda and ask them with my SIN number to give me the info and when I got friendlier with the operator, because of the one random # in the SIN it was hard to determine if there was a number after me. After a while he searched for the last four numbers and try to eliminate by the first numbers (model & year), we could not find one.




The Challenged


I am proud of course of this turning of event but I still welcome any challenges for those bragging rights. So if your last number on your serial number is higher than 01860 for a 2003 Valkyrie, let me know, but for what I know now this is highly unusual to happen, LOL






This is the best bike for its size as cruiser goes, it is well balance and handles like the best of them, in my opinion this bike will go into history as one of the best.


For me, I am more like the Lone Wolf type, I like to take the unusual roads, be apart from the fray, this bike makes it happens for me; I have a one of a kind bike for one of kind rider, so I like to think…..