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EVO6 Concept to deliver about 150hp 
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I love my Valkyrie and I always will, but I just caught
sight of the Honda EVO6.
The huge 1800cc engine is clearly visible as a stressed
member of the bike, surrounded by a barely any frame.
Huge front brake discs and sports tyres indicate that this
concept bike has been developed to be a serious-ish ride,
and the front end with its stylised headlight, ram air
intakes, and upside-down forks look good.
There's also a single-sided swingarm, 8-spoke chrome 
wheel rims, and the tail end is impressively minimal.
With a good amount of chrome and not too much
plastic-fantastic, the EVO6 would make for a very pretty
naked bike. This is a concept bike and it may not ever
see the production stage. If it does, it may look different.
I remember the RUNE concept bike...Look at the differce.

The EVO6 is a great piece of industrial art.


   HFT Automatic Transmission System


News Alert for: Honda EVO6


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the Honda EVO6 has some really outer-galaxy styling
and it's coupled with a smart use of Honda's underutilized
six-cylinder engine from ...
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( is giving
the EVO6 concept top-billing, and the EVO6 is aimed at
riders that ...

First Look: Honda EVO6

Cycle News - Tucker,GA,USA

By Tracy Hagen Honda unveiled the EVO6 "automatic
sports cruiser" prototype today at the Tokyo Motor Show

with the aim of creating a new category of ...

Honda's Tokyo Motor Show Releases - Medford,OR,USA
On display were the six-cylinder EVO6 and vintage-styled
CB1100s which Honda previewed in September, as well as
the new HFT automatic transmission-powered ...






Honda bin Evo 6 production plan

August 2009

Honda's musclebike looks unlikely to go into production after the firm`s marketers decided they couldn`t sell enough. That`s despite 2011 looking like a boom year for the power cruiser, with Ducati`s Mega Monster (aka Vyper) swelling the class led by Yamaha`s V-MAX, Triumph Rocket 3 and Harley`s V-Rod Muscle.

The Evo 6 was a massive hit in the 2007 Tokyo show, and Honda went on to protect the design worldwide, something it normally does only for models earmarked for production.

Co-designed by the stylist behind the 1992 FireBlade Tetsuya Nakazawa the Evo 6 uses the 1800cc flat six motor of the Goldwing, housed in a minimalist chassis and bodywork, coupled with a single-sided swingarm.


A Japanese source close to the firm told the bike could be revived depending on muscle-bike market performance pans out in the next 18 months.

Rumers sayes you can buy the EVO6 later this year 2009

June 2009


The current president of the largest motorcycle manufacturer in the world, Takeo Fukui, will leave office this month of June 2009, succeeded in his post and appointed by the board of directors of Honda Motor Co., Takanobu Ito. 

But it seems that Fukui will have the honor to say the charge for all out, with the official presentation of the model that promised in the inaugural Hall of Tokyo 2007, when posing with the prototype Evo 6, Honda announced it would investigate and innovating on their bikes and soon we would see that model.

A model that has been delayed mainly because of the global crisis, but now, that change the macroeconomic circumstances, it seems that you're ready to jump to stores later this year. 

The six-cylinder boxer engine, faced three to three, youth receive a cure, new power electronic injection with three bodies (two on the GL 1800) and changes in the cylinder head, pistons, crankshaft, connecting rods, camshafts, etc. . to be capable of delivering 150 hp of power and become a worthy rival of other naked bikes in the style of the flagship BMW K 1300 R or even Yamaha V-Max 1700, against which the asset would play fine 6-cylinder engine of the increased power of its rivals.

Basically, except for some details of the prototype to be civilized, as silent (in the style of the CB 1000 R in the computer design reproduced below these lines), the Evo 6 final few changes to incorporate the beauty presented in Tokyo 2007 and then caused a sensation. 











The EVO6 features a transmission that can be operated in a fully automatic mode or a six-speed manual mode.

17-inch billet aluminum wheels with a 220mm rear tire. Even the inside of the exhaust pipes have been rifled like the inside of a gun barrel.