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    Honda Announces Launch of US-Manufactured Valkyrie Custom Bike and Valkyrie Tourer Long-Distance Touring Bike - '99 Models

    Tokyo, October 13, 1998 --- Honda Motor Co., Ltd. has announced the launch of the modified Valkyrie 1520 cc heavyweight touring bike, manufactured by Honda Motor's US production subsidiary, Honda of America Manufacturing (HAM). The '99 export model, which incorporates a reversing system, will go on sale in Japan on October 14.

    The Valkyrie Tourer, an upgraded version of the Valkyrie for long-distance touring, fitted with an extra-large windshield and rear saddlebags, will be launched as an addition to the series on November 10.

    Both bikes in the Valkyrie series incorporate the largest displacement engines fitted to any models in Honda's entire motorcycle range. They are the top-of-the-series models within the Honda American-style custom-bike line-up.

    The incorporation of an exhaust air-injection system in both models serves to clean up exhaust emissions enabling the bikes to comply with new stricter Japanese motorcycle exhaust emission regulations due to be enforced from October 1999.



    Domestic annual sales target: 600 units

    Main features of the '99 Valkyrie

    • Horizontally-opposed 6-cylinder engine delivers large amounts of power smoothly at low, medium and high revs
      Featuring the same quiet, super-smooth and ultra-powerful liquid-cooled 4-cycle horizontally-opposed 6-cylinder 1,520cc engine as used in the Gold Wing SE, the Valkyrie produces a maximum power of 100 PS at 6,000 rpm - with the rich, flat torque profile that a high-displacement engine typically produces.

    An exhaust gas cleaning system is fitted to enable the bike to comply with new Japanese motorcycle exhaust emission regulations

    Some modifications have been made to the exhaust system, in the form of a new exhaust air-injection system. This re-injects air into the exhaust ports to allow unburned pollutant gases such as hydrocarbons (HCs) and carbon monoxide (CO) to be oxidized. This greater degree of combustion reduces harmful emissions considerably. After the Honda VFR and Gold Wing SE, the Valkyrie is the third bike to be released by Honda in Japan in the over-250cc class that complies with the motorcycle exhaust emission regulations being enforced from October 1999.


     The new reversing system is exclusive to the Japanese import model
    Both models in the Valkyrie series feature a handy reversing system, ideal for garage parking or maneuvering into tight spaces. Incorporating the same system as used in the Goldwing SE, this feature is unique to the Valkyrie models imported into Japan.


    • Main features of the '99 Valkyrie Tourer

    Long-distance touring modifications
    Based on the Valkyrie, the Valkyrie Tourer is fitted with an extra-large windshield and double rear saddlebags to make it more suitable for long-distance touring.


    Body colors:

    • Valkyrie: black etches out the brilliance of the chrome while giving the bike a serene appearance
    • Valkyrie Tourer: luxurious high-class black with a Pearl Twilight Silver two-tone combination


    Main specifications:

    Model Valkyrie Valkyrie Tourer
    Type Honda of America BC-SC34
    Length x width x height (m) 2.555 x 0.980 x 1.185 2.555 x 0.980 x 1.460
    Wheelbase (m) 1.690
    Ground clearance (m) 0.155
    Seat height (m) 0.740
    Curb weight/dry weight (kg) 343/319 359/335
    No. of riders (person) 2
    Fuel economy (km/l)
    [60 km/h test on flat ground]
    22.0 21.5
    Minimum turning radius (m) 3.3
    Engine type SC34E liquid-cooled 4-cycle horizontally-opposed 6-cylinder OHC
    Displacement (cm3) 1,520
    Bore/stroke (mm) 71.0 x 64.0
    Compression ratio 9.8
    Maximum power output (PS/rpm) 100/6,000 (SAE)
    Maximum torque (kgm/rpm) 13.5/4,500 (SAE)
    Carburetor type VPK0
    Starter self-starter type
    Ignition full-transistor battery ignition
    Lubrication forced pressure and wet sump
    Oil capacity (l) 4.3
    Fuel tank capacity (l) 20
    Clutch diaphragm spring
    Transmission 5-speed return
    Gear ratios 1st gear 2.666
    2nd gear 1.722
    3rd gear 1.291
    4th gear 0.964
    5th gear 0.805
    Reverse 8.846
    Drive ratios (primary/final) 1.591/0.939 x 2.833
    Rake (degrees)/trail (mm) 32o10'/152
    Tire sizes Front 150/80R 17 (72H)
    Rear 180/70R 16 (77H)
    Brakes Front hydraulic twin disc
    Rear hydraulic disc
    Suspension Front telescopic
    Rear swingarm
    Frame type diamond