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Length: 96.5 inches.
Width at widest point: 52 inches.
Height at highest point: same as stock bike.
Wheelbase and wheel width: 76 long, 48 wide.
Weight of conversion kit: 250 lbs.
Rear suspension description: automotive-type air struts.
Rear braking system description: Integrated drum with special brake cylinders. Matches volume of original disc brake.
Gear or differential ratio changes needed: 225/60/14R. Aqua tread tires.
Recommended steering modification: none, conversion incorporates patented three- degree of change to original front end.
Estimated installation time: installation only by authorized facilities by TriKing-trained employees.
Stock motorcycle parts requiring modification/replacement: incorporates original mufflers and drive shaft. Automotive-type air shocks for smoother ride and greater load carrying capacity.
Amount of storage in kit: 4.3 or 3.7 cubic feet.
Suggested retail price of kit: $7195 includes trailer hitch, carpeted trunk, mud flaps, chrome fender edging and TriKing passenger lumbar.
Additional options, models and prices: Upper and lower light bars, two-tone paint.
Special features: incorporates three-degree of change to front end (no outside lean, no additional changes to front forks required); conversion is six inches longer than original bike; body and fenders are behind the passenger for easier passenger boarding, better ride and stability at highway speeds; rear axle is behind the passenger for a smoother and more stable ride. Receiver-type trailer hitch is integral to a hidden rear bumper; adjustable automotive-type air struts allow for heavier load capacity and choices of two fender styles.