H O N D A   V A L K Y R I E   F 6 C                   




Frequently Asked Questions about Valkyries.



NEW: Brake Caliper pin plug  
Ask the Valkyrie Mechanic Air Filter Replacement
Bleeding Brakes Brake Pads, Replacing
Brighter Gauge Lights for Valk Got a Buzz
Carbs himming Carbs how to Sync
Center Stand Mounting
Coneheads and Other things Crankchase Breather
Clutch Noice Coolant
Desmog Kit Disk Lock
Foot Fairings for Valkyries Foot Brake Pedal
Fork spring change Fuel Tank Removal
Fuses Headlight Upgrade
Headlight upgrade 2 Idle Speed Adjustment
Intakes Polishing Kick Stand Replacement
Lights Lights Lazer Star
Maintenance Guide OIL CHANGE
Paint Codes 1                Paint Codes 2 Pegs Highway
Petcock Cleaning Popular Mods
Radiator pods Rear wheel removal
Risers Starter Button Maintenance
Timing (Cam) Belts Transmission Basic
Transmissions Trigger Wheel
Turn Signal Indicators Valve Adjustment
Valve adjustment 2 Water Pump Cover Install

Wiring Diagram