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    Ultimate Lowrider mark 2 seats
    Rider and passenger seats with
    rider backrest. The Ultimate Lowrider mark 2 is a full 17" wide and make me sit 1" lower and still have the same position to the handle bars.



    Kury Akyn turn signal mirrors
    Looking at the mirrors from the front, you'll notice a bank of L.E.D.'s that work as a running light and a super bright auxiliary turn signal. Unlike other lighted mirrors, these lights only face forward so glare is not a factor.

    Bridgestone 200/60-16RR
    Improves ride comfort and shock
    absorption. Exceptional grip level on both dry and wet surfaces.

    Custom Cam Covers

    Nice chromed cam covers with the Dragon.





    Dynatek Dyna 3000
    high performance ignition system
    8 Selectable Advance Curves
    Status LED:
    - Indicates power-up
    - Indicates pickups
    - Indicates throttle position sensor
    - Easier Starting


    Performance Exhaust System
    Viking Motorcycle Performance Exhaust System. 4 piece system designed to bring your Valkyrie to its full potential. 3 into 1 equal length Headers coated in Silver High Temp Ceramic Coating.
    Chrome muffler styles 36" straight cut.

    Radiator Grille Cover

    This grille covers the front and the top of your radiator...2 pieces in one! Made from #8 Mirror Finish stainless steel with a finish as brilliant as chrome

    Chrome Rear Carrier
    Mounts on the bike's standard
    mounting brackets.

    Chrome switch housing

    Kewl Metal Reservoir Clock Mount
    This is a sculpted piece of 6061 billet
    aluminum, chromed to perfection!
    The clock is high quality, attrictive
    and is weather proof and vibration



    Kuryakyn Ergo Dually ISO Pegs
    This is the premier cruise peg system
    available today. Ergonomically designed for maximum driver comfort. Great looks and simple installation.

    Transmission Side Covers
    These covers put the finishing touch on the otherwise dull looking cast transmission
    case and nicely compliment existing chrome engine components.





    MC Kool Kovers kit
    Set of bolt covers designed
    for the Valkyrie.


    I filled them with grease before mounting so all bolts will look like new for many years.





    National Cycle Windshield
    The SwitchBlade system allowed me to easily install, switch, or remove the windshield in less than 10 seconds.
    This windshield do not fit the Valkyrie
    without modifications. I had to drill
    four new holes for the mounting hardware. I also had to bend the hardware to make itwide enough.

    Garmin Quest
    256-color, bright, sunlight-readable display makes it easy to view turn-by-turn
    instructions and map detail.



    Rivco Front mount air horns
    These air horns give a loud warning blast of 125 decibels! Uses the stock horn button. The trumpets are triple plated chrome.
    Replaces stock horn, and the compressor is mounted behind the right side cover.













    Progressive Suspension
    440 Series Rear Shocks
    Stock Replacement for the Valkyrie is 12.5 inches.

    Kuryakyn ISO Grips
    Combining great style and comfort,
    these grips provide a soft, non-slip
    surface that dampens operating vibration.


    Kuryakyn Extended ISO Throttle Boss

    This allows the driver to slightly relax the grip on the gas and still maintain a constant speed.




    Clear tail lights
    LED Tail-light with clear lens





    Fuel Induction System




    Chrome Neck over


    Progressive Front Springs


    Rytek Exhaust Tips





    Coffee Tumbler Holder
    Conductive transfer of heat is accomplished via a heavy stainless washer fit into the recess at the bottom of the Auto-warming Holder



    VTX Headlight






    Zumo 550 GPS



    Big Bike 4" Square Cast Risers with Cutout.




    Chrome Intake Covers and Spark Plug Cover



    And more CHROME






    Deer Alert



    Front Axle Cap




    Big Bike Parts Solo fender rack




    Custom World rear Passenger Grab Rail




    Front Caliper Chrome Covers



    Motosens Gauges





    Valkyrie Decal


    Sirius Fog Lights

    55W / NS6 02B - 0114


    More Pictures

    Kuryakyn Accessory Switch

    Control your accent lighting and additional motorcycle accessories at the tip of your fingers with these master cylinder Accessory Switches. Rated for 12V and up to 10 Amp accesories each.


    Kuryakyn The Sound of Chrome

    This all system ROCKS! With perfectly designed 3" main speakers.

     The weatherproof bullet housing has a built-in powerful 50 watt amplifier.






    Kuryakyn Chrome levers

    These chrome levers are wider and more comfortable than stock.




    Kuryakyn Four LED Accent Lights.

    Trick little chrome housings with 4 bright L.E.D.s


    Cobra chrome Drive Shaft Cover

    Will post a better photo soon





    Cobra Billet Driveshaft Bolt Cover

    Hide the unsightly driveshaft bolts with this unique billet cover



    Turn Signal Dynamics Amber LED Bulbs





    Clear Alternatives clear turn signals






    This unit allows four LED bulbs in directional lights to operate in place of filament bulbs in the front and rear.





    PIAA Super Plasma GT-X H4 Bulb

    The new GT-X provides an exclusive purple low beam and an Xtreme White high beam. And if that weren't enough! PIAA has added a purple colored top coat giving the headlamp a purple look even when the lamp is turned off.

    Kryptonite Evolution 4 Disc Lock

    14mm hardened MAX-Performance steel shackle resists cutting and leverage attacks. Double deadbolt locking mechanism has extensive holding power.

    Big Bike Parts Radiator cap cover






    Kuryakyn Universal Handlebar Accessory Mount

    Attach your cell phone, mp3 player and almost any portable device directly to your handlebars using this mount.


    BIG BIKE PARTS Chrome oil filler cap



    Big Bike Parts Chrome oil dip stick







    Hondaline Chrome Valkyrie Emblem
    Mounted on Transmission Side Covers


    High-Gloss polished fork legs



    Chrome Fork Nut Caps